Otto-von-Guericke-Gesellschaft e.V.

The Otto von Guericke Society was founded in 1992 as a continuation of the work of the "Otto von Guericke Circle of Friends" and is concerned with the life and work of Otto von Guericke, their effects and consequences.

We want to comprehensively research, deepen and disseminate knowledge and insights into the life and work of Otto von Guericke as well as their significance and impact.

These goals are to be achieved in particular through:

  • the cultivation of Otto von Guericke's legacy in words, pictures, exhibitions, presentations, experiments and other suitable forms;
  • scientific research as well as its publication and discussion;
  • cooperation with relevant scientific and other institutions, associations and personalities;
  • particularly close cooperation with Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, other universities, colleges, schools, scientific institutions and academies as well as associations, especially in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and the city of Magdeburg;
  • cooperation with the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and the state capital Magdeburg;
  • the organisation of a relevant association life;
  • the involvement of the younger generation in our activities and enthusiasm for our work;
  • and the shaping of a diverse social life.

We need your help!

Since the founding of the company, numerous projects and plans have been successfully worked on and realised. All projects have been financed by a combination of subsidies and own funds. More than 80% of these own funds consisted of donations.
Both in the present and in the future, the following projects are pending realisation:

  • Further development of the "Guerickianum" school laboratory into a school research centre
  • Visualised expansion of the Guericke Museum
  • Modular extension of the permanent exhibition " Living on and with the Elbe".
  • Updating and modernising the travelling exhibition
  • Replica of historical Guericke experimental facilities
  • Extension and partial redesign of the garden area
  • Purchase of literature and acquisition of archival materials

Please help us with your donation!

Our donation account at Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg:
Account number: 34 00 37 34 // Bank Code:  810 532 72
IBAN: DE45 8105 3272 0034 0037 34 // BIC: NOLADE 21 MDG

Our society is recognised as a non-profit organisation.
In order to issue a donation receipt, please include your first name, surname and address with the provision of funds.

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